Means from the lice

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With such an unpleasant problem as lice, everyone can face it. The disease is called pediculosis. Currently, finding an appropriate licetick is not an overly complex problem.

These blood-sucking insects parasitize on a person, affect the hair, clothing. Lice can endure such dangerous diseases as swirling or typhus. In a parasitic way of life, lice live up to two months, outside the "host" - up to 6-7 days. Modern remedies for pediculosis are many.

Causes and symptoms of pediculosis

The source of infection can be direct contact with the patient or the use of infected caps, towels, combs, pillows and so on. Lice can be infected when visiting the baths or pools.

Anxiety begins to beat after the appearance of itching in places of defeat.

There are head lice, dresses and squares. A way to deal with each kind of "individual".

Ways to fight lice

Means from the lice are chosen depending on what kind of parasitizes you. Of course, the most sure way is to shave off your hair. If in this way it will not be difficult to get rid of pubic lice (ploschits), then at the withdrawal of the head lice will have to look for other, less radical means from the lice.

Modern pharmacies are full of all kinds of medicines from pediculosis: sprays, ointments, shampoos.

Another easy remedy for lice is the coloring of hair, such as hydrogen peroxide or mint decoction. If modern methods for someone will prove to be ineffective, then people's recipes for getting rid of parasites will come in handy.

Folk remedies from lice

The effectiveness of national methods of control of lice is very high, but when applying them, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Some remedies can adversely affect the condition of the hair;
  • Some of the remedies can be toxic.

The most accessible means of lice may be various masks and brooches. The remedy for lice, known from ancient times, - kerosene, has a lot of evidence against its use, as it can cause severe inflammation of the scalp. Another common remedy for lice is vinegar. It decontaminates the skin, but it can also cause skin problems. In addition, nicks are not considered to be vinegar.

The ears will help to remove the St. John's wort, whose broth is washed off the head, and then put on a wet hat in a bad weather, hold for an hour, then the hair is carefully brushed. Cranberry juice, according to popular beliefs, is capable of sticking nits if the juice is rubbed into the head for a week.

Probably the most popular drug from lice is milled water - tincture based on camomile. The drug has an anti-pediatric effect.

Prevention of pediculosis will be the careful observance of the rules of hygiene, maintaining purity in clothing. To avoid lingerie, wash your clothes in high temperature water and rinse thoroughly every time.

Due to a wide range of antipsychotic drugs, it is possible to withdraw lice for a fair amount of time.

Means from the lice
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