Materialists never feel a sense of pleasure and joy

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They are more often dissatisfied and depressed, says a study by the University of Baileur College of Arts and Sciences. People with a materialistic attitude are rarely satisfied with what they have. Man is social in nature, so it is initially motivated to help others. But the materialists are more focused on personal, more precisely, on what they do not have, says Medical News Today.

Experts have asked 246 people to go through a quick online survey that evaluated the degree of materialism, gratitude, the need for satisfaction and the level of satisfaction with life. As a result, people who received low ratings in the section "gratitude" and high in the "need to get pleasure" section were more often materialists, dissatisfied with their lives.

Getting new benefits will make people happier. They simply raise the bar of requirements. A 2011 study confirms this.

High rates of gratitude in relation to others and low indicators of materialism were associated with a high level of satisfaction with life, social inclusion, low levels of envy and depression.

Materialists never feel a sense of pleasure and joy
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