Marriage spoils the figure - research

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A trip to the altar brings a crushing blow to the weight of a woman. As observation has shown, women are gaining almost 2 pounds in the first six months after marriage, reports The Daily Mail. And women who had fallen to the wedding, sitting on a rigid diet, were gaining the most weight.

The study of 350 brides showed: although 50% of them wanted to lose weight before the wedding, their average weight did not decrease. However, after the wedding, women gained 2.1 kilograms. And the most sought after were those who tried to lose weight before the wedding (the set was 3.2 kilograms in the first 6 months). According to the staff of the University of Flinders, many may face dissatisfaction with themselves. Every third bride to the wedding advised to lose groom or family member.

Brides, who were going to lose weight before the wedding, wanted to throw up to 9 pounds to squeeze into a wedding dress. If a woman had severe stress in this connection, she was gaining 4.5 kilograms (three times more than others). This fact is not surprising experts.

According to them, after a wedding, a woman throws a tough diet, relaxes, the motivation disappears, since it is not necessary to look "for all 100" anymore.

Marriage spoils the figure - research
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