Manure in the gums

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Inflammatory processes in the body - this is something that in no case can not be ignored. Iodine in the gums is a very serious and dangerous problem that needs immediate treatment.

The inflammatory process in the gums with manure - this requires an urgent solution to the problem. As a rule, such a process proceeds with increasing temperature and painful pain. The size of abscesses can range from small ones, like peas, to large ones like walnuts.

Causes of manure in gums

I would like to note the fact that in most cases the main cause of the diseases of the oral cavity is always ignorance and own laziness, which does not allow us to properly monitor our health. In order to cure the manure in the gums, it is necessary first of all to find out for what reasons abscess appeared. And there may be several of them:

  1. Infection in the dental pocket: its appearance is usually due to concomitant disease - gingivitis or periodontitis. In a period when soft tissues begin to depart, they open the tooth neck and form a so-called pocket, in which and accumulate harmful bacteria.
  2. Injuries can also be the cause of ulcers in the gums. Injuries can be obtained in various ways (toothbrushing with a rigid brush, inaccurate extraction of food with a toothpick, fragmentation of a broken tooth, illiterate delivered crown).
  3. A diseased tooth, the deterioration of which leads to inflammation in the nerve node (pulp).

Treatment and prevention

If your gums start bleeding, then you should know that urgent measures are to be taken. Your actions should be consistent:

  1. First of all, you need to contact a specialist - a dentist. Gul irritation is one of the main symptoms of the inflammatory process and a number of diseases.
  2. When the pus in the gums has already appeared, go immediately to the dental clinic. The treatment of this problem should be carried out by a qualified physician and include a set of procedures (antibiotics, tooth treatment, in some cases, oppression).
  3. There is one more rule: do not heat the place of an outburst, warmly intensifies the process of ignition. It is best to apply ice, it will help to remove puffiness and pain at the time, although you can not remove it from the gum in your gums with help from it.
  4. Do not start antibiotics yourself, the treatment should be under the control of a doctor.
  5. It is possible to use rinsing with herbs (daisies, calendula, St. John's wort) in combination with antiseptic solutions (manganese solution, furatsilina, chlorhexidine), this will help significantly accelerate the recovery, reducing the pain and relieve you of the unpleasant sensations that cause the suppuration in your gums.

Check with the dentist every six months, do not forget the rules of hygiene, and your smile will strike around your beauty and tooth whiteness. And remember: the health of the oral cavity is the health of your whole body.

Manure in the gums

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