Manifestations of asthenic syndrome and its treatment

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Adaptive reaction of the human body, accompanied by a decrease in the rate of metabolic processes and disturbance of the functions of the basic organs, but with the possibility of returning to normal functioning - this is an asthenic syndrome. Its treatment is reduced to eliminating its disease.

General weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, inability to prolong mental stress - this is all asthenic syndrome. Treatment depends on the causes that lead to its occurrence.

What is asthenic syndrome

Remember your condition after a flu or sore throat. Weakness, drowsiness, fatigue - this is how asthenia is manifested. But the week or second passed - and you again began to feel great. In other situations, the symptoms continue for a longer period, and people are forced to seek qualified medical assistance: asthenic syndrome requires treatment.

Asthenia most often occurs in people with a weak (melancholy) or unbalanced (choleric) type of nervous activity.

Causes of asthenic syndrome

Among the factors that contribute to the onset of asthenic syndrome, you can distinguish the following main:

Manifestations of asthenic syndrome and its treatment
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