Malignant bone tumors

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Bone cancer is usually caused by metastases, but there are also primary malignant bone formation.


When a patient finds bone cancer, this means the presence of a process of metastasis - the transfer of tumor cells from the initial focus of the disease to the lymphatic or circulatory systems. Despite the fact that the disease spreads to the bone tissue, it is not correct to say that the patient is ill with malignant tumor of the bone. Because this process is a consequence of the growth of the primary focus of cancer cells. For example, the patient has lung cancer, which in turn extends to bone tissue, is considered a patient who has lung cancer with the spread of metastasis to the bone tissue. In this case, cancer of the lung and malignant tumors of the bones are two concomitant diseases.

Types of cancer that usually give metastases to the bone tissue:

Malignant bone tumors
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