Raspberry therapy: kills cancer cells and delivers depression

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Summer is rich in the harvest of all kinds of berries and fruits. "Summer is a little life," Mityaev sang, and he echoed "Yagoda-raspberries us with you". It is about raspberries and will be discussed in this article - about its unusual healing properties, which by the end have not yet been studied. One thing is indisputable - raspberry - one of the most useful summer berries and with it you do not argue.

The taste of raspberry tea and raspberry jam is familiar to everyone from childhood, and many associate with the grandmother's house, with grandmother's hands and her cheerleading, and how she treats us sick as lulls her songs and tales. Drinking raspberry tea, we fell asleep, drowning in an old woman's down mascot. And only the native arm all the time corrected zliple from the sweat of hair on the inflamed lobe, as raspberry causes an active sweating, with which the illness retreats, and all infectious dirt is deduced. Absence of weakness disappears and temperature decreases.

The composition of this unique berry includes salicylic acid, which is easily digestible by the human body. It is this acid that is a peculiar antipyretic and therefore tea from berries or raspberry leaves perfectly fights with colds and flu. This was precisely what our grandmothers knew.

And still, raspberry miraculously combats depression - it has excellent antidepressants - copper and a complex of essential fatty acids (about 22%). Raspberry is also a tasty headache aid. It is known that a glass of eaten fresh raspberries can replace a tablet of analginum or aspirin.

And it has also become known that raspberries kill 90% of cancer cells! Such a statement was made by experts from the University of Clemson. While their experiments affected only animals - they gave them drawers of raspberries. The results were stunning - more than 90% of the cells of the intestinal tumor died.

Raspberries contain pectins - such gelling agents that help digestion. They are able to absorb and remove from the body through the intestines various harmful substances. When you eat raspberries, you help the body get rid of bile acids, salts of heavy metals, radioactive elements, "old" cholesterol.

Raspberry good that perfectly keeps its beneficial properties even frozen - it is long maintained at about minus 18 ° C. Thawing is fast, raspberry putting a couple of minutes in warm water.

Raspberry therapy: kills cancer cells and delivers depression
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