The main restrictions for pregnant women

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As you know, pregnancy is not a disease and it's not an accident to follow yourself. Just the opposite - for a good mood you need to look stylish and elegant!

However, the situation still imposes some restrictions.

When it comes to hair dyeing, it makes sense to turn your attention to natural dyes such as henna and basma. Of course, they will not make you blonde, but the combination of these dyes will help to change the color from bright red to dark chestnut and even almost black.

True, it should be borne in mind that henna dry hair, so it is often not worth it, except that if the hair is initially greasy. There are several important hair coloring rules that should be followed.

As for ordinary hair dyes, this decision will have to be taken by yourself, because nobody prohibits categorical hair dyeing.

Much should be guided by your own state of health - because if the smell of acne gets worse, the sharp smell of paint causes rejection, you should not torture yourself, the body of a pregnant woman knows what he does not need.

Nevertheless, if you still want to maintain your favorite color or change it, you should carefully study the composition of the paint.

At the beginning of the XX century, virtually any paint contained harmful substances in large quantities, and they could penetrate into the blood and cause a negative reaction of the body. However, manufacturers are struggling to improve their products with the help of competition, and modern hair dyes are considered quite safe, including for future mothers, since they do not contain ammonia (using its substitutes).

Several warnings

1. Do not use paint containing ammonia and try to refrain from coloring hair in the first trimester - firstly, the smell can increase the toxicosis, and secondly, the hair and so in shock from the hormonal surge, additional load can aggravate the loss.

2. During pregnancy, hair can respond to a non-standard color, it is possible that you will get an unpredictable result. Also in the new state, an allergic reaction to the paint may appear, even if it was not before - before painting, apply a little paint on a small area on the arm and feel if there will be a reaction.

3. If you decide to go to the salon, be sure to tell the master about his condition. The choice of paint for a pregnant woman is important.

The main restrictions for pregnant women
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