The main mistakes of adherents of a healthy lifestyle

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The pursuit of healthy lifestyle and nutrition has now become very popular and has gained more and more admirers.

It seems to you that you are really healthy.

However, in an effort to become healthier (and, more desirably, slimmer), many often tolerate mistakes.

The experts made up 9 basic mistakes made by all lovers of healthy lifestyles.

Make yourself fond of food

It's very important to go for the right food, find those products and combinations that you really like. He has a healthy lifestyle, and this is not a short-term diet, but a complete overview of his eating habits.

If you do not like buckwheat, eat rice, do not like tomatoes, buy pepper - there is always an alternative and a choice, do not worry about something for one and more unquestioningly follow the advice of nutritionists. In the end, life without satisfaction is not life, and constant restrictions and coercion will only lead to an inevitable breakdown.

Drink too much water

The traditional two liters a day is just the average amount of fluid needed by a healthy person. It's something like "average temperature at the hospital": one patient fever, and another tooth does not get on the tooth. In this case, to find out how much fluid is necessary for you, will help you to find out only the examination of the doctor and consultation with a dietician. By the way, excessive water consumption can lead to various complications in the work of the body as a whole and the urinary system in particular.

Buy products based only on their calorie content

This is wrong simply because low fat and calorie content does not always guarantee that the products will be correct and useful.

Ignore stress

You can eat one buckwheat and a vegetable strip, but it will not help you to become healthy for a bit, if during the day you just do that nervous and worry about every occasion. Excess weight, insomnia, digestive problems are just a part of those diseases that awaiting excessive nervous people. It is necessary at least once a week to engage in relaxing yoga, which will help relieve tension, physical and nervous.

Live on the principle of "no pain, no result"

Muscle pain does not always show a productive workout. Most often she talks about injuries, lack of warm-up before training and excessive loads - none of this will lead to a cherished goal. Keep track of the signals of your body and be able to stop in time.

To take multivitamins

Polyvitamins saturate the body at once with all the elements, while it does not always require a complete "alphabet". The best option is to consult your doctor and take those vitamins that your body needs in additional sources. The rest are better filled naturally with food. Vegetables, fruits and fish will certainly not lead to overdose.

Do not violate the rules

Do not forget to pamper yourself, even if you are sitting on a very strict diet. Which excludes any relaxation. Long constraints and the inability to indulge yourself in a small piece of chocolate will surely lead to stress and nervous breakdown.

To consider hudorb synonymous with health

It would seem that the fashion for the unnatural hudorbe has already passed and everyone has realized that hunger and disproportionately small weight are wrong and harmful, but still many continue to lead the wrong way of life, the sea itself is ill-advised diets and tough restrictions.

Do not fall off

Get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning for a morning charge - it's a good thing, but if you start to sacrifice sleep for the sake of classes, then praise you, unfortunately, not for nothing. Muscles need rest and recovery, and a healthy sleep is just what will help relieve tension and fatigue.

The main mistakes of adherents of a healthy lifestyle

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