The main dangers of sedentary work for health

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A lot of people are busy with sedentary work and their health is very and very relevant. This applies to drivers and office workers, civil servants and freelancers - all of them are forced to spend most of their working time. And sedentary work leads to negative health effects, and very often there will be recommendations how to reduce this negative impact.

It is important to understand that the problems of sedentary work are related not only to the fact that the movement is long limited, but also with your way of life, a way of sitting.

So, Primarily suffers from intestines. From a constant seat there is a big load on this body. Experts say that people who stay for a long time without movement are more likely to have bowel cancer, breast and uterus. To avoid this, it's enough to move regularly in your spare time, rather than holding it again sitting or lying down - while driving, antioxidants will not be produced that will not cause cancer to affect the body.

The second sufferer of our sedentary work is across, Which also has a heavy load in the sitting position. Particularly bad for lumbar placement on a computer. Experts have proved that 40% of those who suffer from illnesses in the back, for a long time spend on a computer.

Third in the risk zone - neck. It is important to understand that during a long sitting all of the fluid that builds up in the legs during the working day at the table, flows through the neck at night. And this can cause a temporary stasis of breathing during sleep. In this case, the neck and shoulders are often flooded.

In the fourth position - heart. The fact is that prolonged sitting time in a sedentary state dramatically increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. These diseases are also exacerbated by the sedentary lifestyle as a whole.

The following is a long-suffering one pancreas - It is also negatively affected by a sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that the muscles in a state of rest, can not timely respond to the release of insulin. This becomes the reason for his entry into the blood more and more often, all in large quantities. As a result, diabetes may occur.

Suffer and Hips - in a sedentary, relaxed state, connections can not be reduced. And if you still sit crouching on an awkward chair, then the situation is complicated. In the worst case scenario, this will result in atrophy of the muscles and persistent pain.

Legs - the seat can cause varicose veins and, so-called, spider veins. At the same time, the legs are constantly swollen, they slow down metabolic processes, which is very and very bad.

And last, it suffers a lot head. This can lead to a stroke - because immobility of the position is directly related to the vessels of the brain, which is a considerable load. It is possible to minimize risks if you take simple exercises for a break every hour that help to combat the negative consequences of the seat, which we will discuss later.

The main dangers of sedentary work for health
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