Magnifier - forerunner of dermatitis

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Magnifier is a small white flake on the scalp which can fall on the back and shoulders, delivering a lot of negative emotions.

Flavors of dandruff consist of clusters of dead horn cells, detached from the skin surface. Normally, this process goes unnoticed, old dead cells are separated when new substitutes appear. When many dead cells appear, they leak with sebum, stick together in flakes and become visible - we are talking about dandruff.

Magnifier is always accompanied by itching, even in a slight degree. Depending on the large number of flakes and their fatness, they distinguish the degree of damage to the scalp. But, in the people, all grades are called magnifying glass, up to the severe forms of seborrheic dermatitis. Itching provokes combing, due to minor skin damage, infections often infiltrate, and inflammation begins. Inflammation promotes the development of dermatitis, can spread to the forehead, eyebrows, ears and back. In most cases, the lupus is accompanied by irritation and reddening of the skin and can lead to hair loss. With dandruff in oily skin, hair may become dry.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight with a magnifying glass at the earliest stage, and if it does not work out, turn to a dermatologist. The most common causes of dandruff are inappropriate shampoos or other means of care (conditioners, masks, stamping agents, etc.), malnutrition and lifestyle, frequent stress and hormonal disorders. You need to try to eliminate the reasons as much as possible. It is necessary to take a complex of vitamins and minerals, to include in the daily diet green salads and fresh vegetables, and, conversely, to refuse from carbonated beverages, chips and other surrogate food. It is important to have a normal enough sleep to withstand stress.

When the magnifier is not very pronounced, there are quite special means of hair care. You need to pick up a shampoo "from dandruff", which restores the normal state of hair and scalp. It is better to use shampoo on herbs. Herbal extracts help to heal the skin and hair, you can additionally cook broths for rinse and rubbing into the scalp. For example, the following recipe is effective for fatness, dandruff and hair loss. 1 tablespoon nettle leaves, brew a glass of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, insist under the lid for 1,5 hours, strain. After washing and drying the hair, rub the resulting infusion into the scalp once a week.

If the shampoo is not enough, and the dandruff is strongly expressed, healing shampoos such as Sebosol, Nizoral or Frieder are used once a week or twice a week for the treatment of hair. The treatment shampoo is applied on the washed hair, foamed and leave for 2-3 minutes, then washed off. Friederm has three different modifications: with tar, zinc and ph-balance, each is used in appropriate situations. With a stigma used at high oily skin, with zinc - with dry skin, and normalizes the balance is acceptable for any type of skin. Shpugs Sebzol and Nizoral contain medicines to suppress the fungal pathogen, often guilty of the appearance of dandruff.

When attaching a bacterial infection it is very difficult to handle independently, therefore it is not necessary to run the disease, but it is better to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible, who will choose individual treatment. Hair treatment with abundant dandruff and hair loss is also best to entrust the doctor. In order to avoid repeated infection, you must keep personal hygiene: often change the pillowcases and towels, and wash the comb with hot water.

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Magnifier - forerunner of dermatitis
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