Lymphatic system: why it requires

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The role of "white blood" in the human body.

Even ancient Greek physicians knew that, in addition to the circulatory system, there is a system in the human body that flows "white blood".

The functions of her for a long time were not very clear. The first one who expressed the assumption of a direct connection of the transport of lymph with edema was Swede O. Rudbek.

Later it turned out that various lymphatic system (lymphoid system) can spread to various microorganisms and tumor cells.

The vessels of the lymphatic system, as well as the circulatory, permeate all the tissues of the body. Thanks to the special structure of the valves, the lymph flows only in one direction - to the heart, and passively and very slowly, due to the reduction of the skeletal muscles surrounding these vessels.

The lymphatic system is a reliable barrier to foreign substances. It includes cells and organs that protect the body from the introduction of various alien agents in it. It consists of primary lymphoid organs - thymus (thymus) and bone marrow - and secondary, which include the spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, blood vessels and capillaries.

Basic functions of the lymphatic system

  • Conducting lymph from tissues into the venous system, absorption from the tissues of water and products of metabolism;
  • Participation in reactions of immunity and lymphopoiesis;
  • Implementation of the barrier function.

The lymphatic system is closely related to the immune system. Thymus and bone marrow play a major role in the formation of immunity.

T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes are formed in the stem cells of the bone marrow, but the maturation of T-lymphocytes occurs in the thymus.

Failures in the work of the lymphatic system lead to poor health, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disturbances, frequent headaches, unhealthy skin color, and delay the fluid in the tissues and cause edema.

Since the lymphatic system is responsible for immunity, any failure in its work may lead to the emergence of various diseases - from the common cold to oncological.

Lymphatic system: why it requires
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