Lung inflammation: symptoms and treatment

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Modern man is accustomed to not paying attention to a slight deterioration of well-being, low-grade temperature, general weakness. But these and other symptoms can indicate the course of the lungs in the inflammatory process, which, in the state of emergency, can even lead to a fatal outcome. You must know the symptoms of this disease in order to start treatment for lung infections in a timely manner.

Lung inflammation, or pneumonia, is a severe infectious disease in which the lungs are affected by alveoli (the smallest bubbles of the pulmonary tissue filled with air) and tissues around them. There are several types of pneumonia, depending on the area of ​​the lesion and the pathogen.

Symptoms of lung inflammation

Symptoms of lung inflammation can be divided into two groups.

The first group of symptoms is due to intoxication of the organism (poisoning of the organism by products of life and the decomposition of pathogenic microorganisms) and general inflammation. This group includes the following symptoms:

  • General weakness, feeling of distortion;
  • Head and muscle aches;
  • Dyspnea, tachycardia;
  • pallor;
  • Bad or no appetite;
  • Low-grade fever or fever, chills;
  • thirst.

Of course, all these symptoms can testify to other diseases in which the body undergoes a serious inflammatory process, so it is important to pay attention to the combination of the first group of symptoms from the second.

The second group of symptoms is caused by inflammation of the lung tissue directly. This group includes the following symptoms:

  • Cough with sputum or dry cough with neotkharkivayuschey sputum (depending on the type of lung inflammation);
  • Increased voice tremor;
  • Increased respiration;
  • Wet wheezing;
  • Pain in the lung area.

Often, the symptoms of inflammation of the lungs are manifested in the fact that the cough in humans as if something is scrubbing, it does not bring any relief of breathing. The sputum is expelled violently, it may contain blood veins.

It is important to remember that sometimes inflammation of the lungs can also occur without coughing. Conversely, coughing can be a symptom of not only inflammation of the lungs.

Pain in the side - a frequent symptom of inflammation of the lungs. With deep breath and cough, the pain is usually aggravated. In severe inflammation, the painful side of the chest can participate in the breathing weakly or not at all.

Diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia

If the complex of symptoms of the disease is similar to inflammation of the lungs, in no case can you postpone a visit to a doctor. To relieve the general condition it is advisable to take antipyretic and anti-cough medications.

To determine the exact diagnosis in the treatment and care institution make X-ray chest. To determine the type of inflammation of the lung and the pathogen take a blood test and sputum.

In accordance with the exact data on the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment. In severe cases, the patient can be hospitalized. In severe respiratory failure, the patient undergoes oxygen therapy.

Lung inflammation: symptoms and treatment
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