Lung cancer: staging

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Principles of determining the stages of lung cancer.

Each stage of cancer shows the prevalence of malignant tumors in the body. Determining the stage of lung cancer involves evaluating the size of the tumor and its penetration into the surrounding tissues, detecting cancer cells in regional lymph nodes that carry out lymph outflow from the lungs, and detecting distant metastases, that is, cancer cells in other organs.

Staging a tumor (determining its stage) is a very important process that allows a physician to choose the most appropriate method of treatment. It has been established that lung cancer therapy clearly depends on the stage of the disease. In addition, the stage plays a significant role in determining the prognosis of treatment and life of a particular patient. The more it is, the worse the life expectancy and the higher the probability of the spread of the tumor and its relapse after the treatment.

Methods of examination for the progression of lung cancer

Lung cancer: staging
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