Lunar delay

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It can be said that menstruation is an indicator of female health.

The most famous reason they disappear is surely pregnancy.

But if a woman is convinced that this option is abandoned, there are still many other factors - both dangerous and quite ordinary, which do not cause anxiety.

All the reasons should be divided into two large groups: medical and non-medical.

Medical causes of lung delay

This is a situation in which the problem is directly in the organs (both sexual and some others). Here are the factors that can affect the occurrence of a delay.

The presence of various tumors, inflammations

Education data can be malignant and benign. To establish the attachment of a tumor to one or another group is required as soon as possible - only in this case, doctors will be able to help the patient to cope with the disease by one hundred percent. Among the formations that affect the lunar, we can call the myoma of the uterus, various cysts, etc. Also, the cause of the problem is any inflammation in the genitourinary system.

Treatment is done by eliminating the cause. The cycle is restored mainly after the treatment has been completed.

Abortions or miscarriages

Both processes themselves are harmful and even dangerous for the female body. The fact is that the hormonal background is beginning to rebuild on the process of bearing. And when the fetus is removed, there is another burst of hormones, already in the other direction.

For women, this is a huge stress - the restoration of the menstrual cycle in such a situation occurs within a few months. No special treatment is required here - you only need to follow the recommendations of the doctor for general rehabilitation.

The moon will come true as soon as the body goes away from stress. Do not forget that scavenging during an abortion invariably damages the internal organs - they also need time to heal.

Contraceptive methods

One of the means of contraception is the special spiral set by the doctor. If you do this incorrectly, the lunar may get worse. The solution to the problem is the repeated appeal to the doctor, in which he will correct the situation.

Often the cycle is disturbed by taking other contraceptives - hormonal drugs. At the stage of addiction, the drug adjusts menstruation under the schedule of admission. Also there are failures and after the abandonment of the pills. These are natural processes that involve the maintenance of a significant amount of hormones in the means. Usually all these nuances doctor discusses in advance, so a woman already knows what to prepare her for. It is precisely because of such an organism's reaction that it is not necessary to prescribe hormonal drugs on their own. Only the doctor can choose the correct and most safe option.

The last reason for menstrual failure is the use of emergency hormonal contraceptives. They are used once, right after an unprotected sexual intercourse or after several hours. Pills contain a shock dose of substances, therefore abruptly change the hormonal background. Such means are quite dangerous, they should be used only in very extreme cases. After this you should seek medical advice and examination.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary is associated with ovarian failure. Because of this again the hormonal background changes, problems with the pancreas, adrenal glands arise. One of the consequences is a delay in menstruation. This problem is being treated with hormonal drugs, and quite successfully. As soon as the state of the body is restored, the cycle also comes to the norm.


Climax is a period when the reproductive function of a woman ceases to function. This usually happens at the age of about fifty years. The process begins with an irregular cycle. The lunar may not be one to two months, then they are restored. The first time doctors recommend not to abandon contraception in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy (so the cycle is very unstable).

Other medical reasons

Often the causes of menstrual crash are other, non-gynecological diseases. This may be a violation of the brain, diabetes, thyroid problems and glands. Often, all this is accompanied by a significant deterioration of well-being. Treatment in this case is directed at a specific disease.

Not medical reasons

Not always the absence of menstruation is due to the presence in the body of any illness. Often, the reasons lie on the surface - they can be completely banal.

Stress, fatigue, excessive physical activity

At any high load - whether moral or physical - the female body includes a clear system of protection. He seems to signal: "This work is not for a woman." In such a situation may well disappear a month. You can correct the situation by getting rid of the source of stress and stopping losing out on overwork. However, regular and moderate physical activity will only benefit - so throwing fitness or dancing is not worth it.

Climate change

Women with a particularly sensitive body have repeatedly noticed that a cardinal or gradual change in weather is reflected in the cycle. This is due to the fact that the body needs to mobilize exactly the resources that are needed in certain weather - in other words, adjust to the situation. There is no need for treatment, since it is only necessary to wait for the adaptation period.

Problems with weight

Excess weight or its lack is equally harmful to the female body. In both cases, the lunar may disappear. They come to normal when the optimum weight returns. At the same time, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the diversity and balance of the diet.

It negatively affects the cycle of alcohol and cigarette abuse, as well as the use of drugs. Cigarettes and drugs in general should be taboo, but here is a beautiful red wine in very small quantities and rarely even useful.

The reasons why lunar can be delayed is a huge amount. To understand them independently may not always be. That is why the first step in this situation should be to visit a doctor.

Lunar delay
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