Love to m'jasa may lead to diabetes

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The daily intake of processed red meat, including sausage, increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing the required amount of insulin or the cells do not use it sufficiently. This hormone is necessary for the processing of glucose and maintaining the level of sugar in the blood. Diabetes is dangerous because of its complications. Constantly elevated blood sugar levels lead to cardiovascular, urinary tract and other serious illnesses.

American scientists from the Harvard School (Boston, USA) conducted a study to find out which foods increase the risk of developing diabetes. According to his results, those who ate more than three servings of untreated red meat (steak, hamburger) per day, the risk of developing diabetes increased by 20%. And in the study participants, eating the same amount of processed meat (bacon, sausages), the risk increased by 51%.

Do not hurry to remove meat from the menu

Scientists do not yet know how red meat is associated with the development of diabetes. Perhaps the whole thing is in preservatives and other extraneous substances (starch, soy protein, thickeners), which add to the meat during processing. They can cause insulin resistance - the pre-diabetes condition in which the cells become resistant to insulin. In addition, red meat contains a large amount of iron. And an elevated level of iron in the blood may be the cause of diabetes.

However, some scientists believe that everything is not so unambiguous. Eating lean meats, such as beef, has a positive effect on human health. And for many people with type 2 diabetes, the presence in the menu of rich nutritional elements of beef is necessary.

From this it follows that eliminating meat from the diet is not worth it. However, it should not be a central dish, and, naturally, it should be natural. Instead of red meat, you can eat other healthy sources of protein: low-fat dairy products, cereals, poultry and fish. To prevent diabetes, it's important to keep track of weight, be physically active and follow a healthy diet.

Love to m'jasa may lead to diabetes
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