Laughter from parents: how to save a family

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Systemic lupus erythematosus affects not only the sick person, but also throughout his family.

In order to maintain a warm relationship and a friendly atmosphere in the family, if one or both parents are diagnosed with "systemic lupus erythematosus", certain rules must be observed.

Do not forget about your health

A patient with systemic lupus erythematosis is always forced to think about his condition. You should not perceive this as selfishness. Having forgotten about your illness in the care of others, it is very easy to cause exacerbation of lupus. And so you should try not to worry and relax, and also to visit a doctor regularly. When a person feels good, he can devote more time to families and children.

Create new family traditions

With systemic lupus erythemide, everyday activities and games with children can cause difficulties. It is possible to keep in touch with relatives with new practices that exclude stress and stress and allow you to share family leisure even when you are feeling sick. For example, you can go to the movies once a week or play board games.

Do not hide your feelings

Lupus is an insidious illness: one day you can feel great, and the next is completely knocked out of the path. It's not easy for family members to understand this. You can use the 10-point scale to express your state of health, and keep the numbers fixed every morning in a prominent place, for example on a refrigerator. If you are very bad, write a unit. When you feel great, mark it with a dozen. So relatives will be able to understand how to plan the next day.

Do not overload children

A systemic lupus erythematosus in one or both parents makes them more responsible for homework. This is understandable. However, it is not necessary to drop too many cases on fragile children's shoulders. Children need free time for games and development.

Learn to speak no

Sometimes feeling bad can not justify the expectations of children. A refusal can upset them or even arouse them. It is very important to understand their feelings and explain the reason for the refusal. An open and honest conversation softens even the most capricious and tedious teens.

The guilt here is not a place

Fathers who have lupus erythema often think that they could do more for their children. Some people blame themselves for the presence of symptoms that do not allow them to be active and "good" parents. Lupus - a debilitating disease, which really takes power. Guilt and self-criticism here will not help.

Regular help

Patients with lupus need help throughout the week. Maybe this will come nanny. Maybe it's worth asking your sister or girlfriend to go with the kids to the store once a week. In any case, the patient needs to leave for some time: to take a nap, walk, read the book, knowing that everything is OK with the children.

Emergency plan

Treatment for lupus helps almost always. However, preparing for an unforeseen event in the form of a serious exacerbation or hospitalization will not prevent. Close relatives and friends should know what to do in such situations. This will not only help you to recover, but also reduce the anxiety of children while you are in the hospital.

Psychotherapy as a medicine for the family

Communicating with a psychotherapist or a psychologist will help you feel better and teach you to control the situation. Family therapy allows all family members to freely tell about their feelings and work out solutions to problems in a safe, controlled environment.

Strengthen relations with a partner

A strong relationship with a partner will not allow the disease to adversely affect the family. Do not allow yourself to "transpose" the disease to a partner, forcing him to feel responsible for your condition. Even if you are very tired, spend a few minutes talking to your husband, inquire about it as the day passed, ask yourself for success and failure.

How to talk to your child about your illness

Systemic lupus erythematosus is an unpredictable disease, and therefore you can not be sure of its condition for a long period of time. In this regard, many parents avoid talking with children about the disease. However, in the end, even small children notice the problem and start to worry.

It is worth telling them how lupus affects human health, emphasizing that you receive good treatment that helps not only you, but also most sick people.

You do not have to talk about lolks all the way up. Let the child direct the conversation with her own questions. If communication touches on a dangerous topic, such as possible death, it is worthwhile translating the conversation in an encouraging way. However, it is not necessary to talk about it unless the child himself poses such issues.

Laughter from parents: how to save a family

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