Liver disease: gilbert's syndrome

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Due to the influence on the liver, Gilbert's syndrome ranks first among the hereditarily conditioned diseases.

By studying the liver, Gilbert syndrome and its effects on the whole body, the researchers found that the level of binding of bilirubin to glucuronic acid differs from the norm by 30%. This indicates the genetic cause of this disease.

Diagnosis of Gilbert syndrome

Modern medicine has identified ways to diagnose and test Gilbert's syndrome. Consider some diagnostic criteria for Gilbert's syndrome.

  1. The emergence of chronic or pronounced jaundice, which manifests itself or increases after emotional and physical activity, alcohol consumption, nutritional problems.
  2. Negative Coombs reaction (erythrocyte antibodies are absent), normal life expectancy of erythrocytes.
  3. Increasing the content of indirect bilirubin in the blood - possibly isolated or predominant increase.
  4. Normalization of the level of bilirubin in the treatment of the patient phenobarbital - stimulates the activity of glucuronyltransferase in hepatocytes.
  5. The results of fasting tests are positive. This leads to the rise of indirect bilirubin and serum 2 times a day.

Observing the patient's liver - Gilbert syndrome usually has wakeful periods of exacerbation and remission, - doctors noticed that due to exacerbation, jaundice increases, indirect hyperbilirubinemia is detected. The syndrome itself lasts for a very long time. In addition, persistent hepatitis, as well as inflammatory processes in the bile ducts, can be added to the main disease after 5 years after the onset of the disease.

Symptoms of chronic liver disease

Being genetic, Gilbert's syndrome manifests itself from the very birth or juvenile age in the form of jaundice. Jaundice is a major symptom of Gilbert's disease. It is of varying degrees: from a barely noticeable yellowish mucous membrane to a pronounced coloration of the mucous membranes and skin and pronounced itching. Also, there are less specific signs of liver disease in Gilbert's syndrome: lethargy, decreased ability to work, bitterness in the mouth, heartburn, blistering, loss of appetite, pain in the hypochondrium, etc.

Despite the small percentage of treatment for such a liver disease as Gilbert's syndrome, the disease proceeds benignly and does not lead to a greater disturbance in the patient's state of health. Doctors recommend to avoid excessive loads, the use of acute and fatty food, uncontrolled hunger strike and taking medication. You should learn how to damp the load of any physical labor - including sports. It is also useful to combine the main treatment with courses of herbal preparations and hepatoprotectors.

Liver disease: gilbert's syndrome
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