Lipoma: folk remedies

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Folk medicine assures that getting rid of lipomas and curing it can be without resorting to the help of a surgeon.

Maybe not everybody knows what a lipoma is, but his second name "Zhiroyk" is known to everyone. Lipoma is a benign tumor of adipose tissue, limited by a capsule.

Typically, the lipoma has a variety of sizes, rounded form, prone to gradual growth, mobile and painless. It is located in subcutaneous fatty tissue, and most often develops where its layer is the thinnest of all: on the back, chest, shoulders, hips.

Sometimes it begins to grow deeper - to the muscular layer and even the periosteum. And quite rarely there is a special "spill" form of lipoma, which has no capsule. It consists of fat "clusters", which grow rapidly in volume. As a result of the limb, disturbed by the pathological process, it is significantly different in size from healthy. Lipoma: treatment is necessary.

What a dangerous lipoma is

There have been cases where lipoma cells mutate into a malignant tumor - liposarcoma. But this happens relatively rarely. Often lipomas deliver inconvenience to their owners, as they can grow to large sizes, becoming an aesthetic disadvantage.

In traditional medicine with lipomas, it's easy to do - the surgeon either removes it with the capsule, or removes the contents of the tumor. But many patients are afraid of surgical intervention and are looking for alternative treatments. To help them come the ancient recipes of folk medicine, checked by time.

Lipoma: treatment by folk remedies

Folk medicine offers a variety of remedies for the treatment of lipomas. Below we present the most effective ones. We remind that it is desirable to conduct independent treatment after consultation of the doctor, as under the guise of lipomas, other pathologies may be hidden.

  • A good remedy is ivy. For the preparation of drugs for the treatment of lipomas, it is necessary to grind its leaves and stems and pour in a glass to half. The part is filled with vodka and translated into a bottle of dark glass. It should stand in the fridge for 3 weeks, after which the medicine is ready. Before applying it it is necessary to strain, to spread the cake on a bandage, to attach to lipoma and leave it for the night. The treatment continues until the tumor unfolds.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of vodka. Apply on a bandage and put it in a compress as a grease. Change the bandage 3 times a day until the disappearance of lipomas.
  • Lucky to those who have a golden mustache at home. This plant is truly a miraculous remedy from the fatman. The leaves of the plant need to be crushed, put the gruel put on a gauze and fasten it to the gum. On top you need to put a food film and a towel. Such a compress do the course overnight for 2 weeks. This treatment of lipomas is effective enough.

Lipoma: folk remedies

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