Ligature brackets

Brackets & Ligatures - Metal Braces Explained (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Currently, there is a huge selection of bracket systems that are constantly being improved, but the classical orthodontics remain checked by sometimes lighthouse braces.

Thanks to the new developments of physicians, lighthouse braces are now widespread and popular, since they became more comfortable and comfortable to wear than a couple of years ago. The Ligature Bracket System allows you to fix the bite and level the dentition at any age, be it a teenager or older person.

What is ligature brackets

The ligatures are such braces, the system of which consists of small locks, glued to the teeth, orthodontic arches fixed to them, and ligatures - a special element that connects the brace and arc. The distinctive feature of ligatures is their ability to stretch out due to the displacement of the teeth. Therefore, those who use this system need to visit their orthodontist dentist about once a month to bring the bracket system to the correct state.

Types of ligatures

All kinds of braces - non-removable orthodontic devices, which have differences between them. Therefore, lighthouse braces can be classified:

  1. Out of city:
  • Vestibular - their fastening is made from the outside of the teeth;
  • Lingual - on the inside of the teeth, most often made of metal.
  1. By the principle of connecting an arc with braces:
  • Classic - braces in which the arch is fixed with the help of elastic ligatures or metal threads;
  • Self-lubricating (bezligatuurni) - braces, in which there is a special mechanism (locks, hood, clip), which fixes the arc in the groove of the bracket.
  1. Based on the materials from which the bracket system is made:
  • Metal - the most common and affordable braces, since they are made of the cheapest and least aesthetic material - metal. Brackets from this material are used for a long time, are still actively used and are not going to take their positions;
  • Ceramic - these are the most popular braces among the imperceptible orthodontic bracket systems. The advantages of ceramic braces can be attributed to the fact that they are comfortable, which is not enough metal, no irritating gums, coincide with the color of the teeth, practically do not violate the hygiene of the oral cavity;
  • Sapphire - braces made of sapphires grown artificially. For others they are invisible, since they are practically transparent and do not change their color during the entire period of treatment. In addition, they do not disturb the patient's dictation and do not complicate the oral hygiene;
  • Golden - non-allergenic braces that consist entirely of gold or have a golden coating. Many choose these braces, since gold gives the system the image of jewelry and allows you to look more aesthetically pleasing.

Nowadays, loose braces are widely used, but the classics of orthodontic treatment still remain lighthouse.

Ligature brackets

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