Life with a pacemaker: limitations

What Are Restrictions After Getting A Pacemaker Or An Icd? - Ravi Sureddi, Md (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

Patients with pacemakers live a full life. The presence of a pacemaker is not an occasion to restrict itself to pleasures of all kinds. It is only necessary to know the measure and to follow the recommendations of the doctor.

People with a pacemaker have to face some lifestyle constraints.

Cardiac pacemaker: Restriction in sport

Physical exercises are useful for the heart, therefore, an active lifestyle is required for full rehabilitation. Patient with a pacemaker in the absence of other health problems can deal with the kind of sport that he likes. It is necessary to coordinate with the attending physician, which loads are acceptable, so as not to harm yourself.

There are some physical exercises and sports that it is better to exclude or restrict to patients with a pacemaker:

  • Karate, football, other contact sports, where there is a risk of strike in the area of ​​the implanted pacemaker
  • diving.

In sports shooting, an example should not be located in the shoulder region where a pacemaker is installed: if recoil, it can damage the surface tissue that is above the pacemaker.

You can not subdue the area of ​​the body in which the pacemaker is installed, the effect of direct sunlight. She should always be closed with any cloth (towel, T-shirt).

Return to work: Restrictions

The installed pacemaker should not interfere with work, inconvenience may occur only in special cases. Occupational activities associated with some devices may impose some restrictions, so you should report this to your doctor.

Devices that can be dangerous:

  • High voltage equipment;
  • Strong magnets;
  • Sources of electromagnetic action;
  • Radars

Basically, most devices that surround us do not affect the operation of the device, so that they can be used without fear.

It is important for motorists to know that when changing the battery and repairing the machine should not touch the wires that are under voltage.

Life with a pacemaker: limitations

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