The letter from the hand has a beneficial effect on the brain

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Our life is inextricably linked with computers: we work behind them, communicate through them, read from the screen. Paper books and handwritten letters cease to be popular as we leave school desks and university ranks. Some people note that they did not write a pen for a few years after completing the training: notes are made on the smartphone, and large text on the keyboard on the computer. Children copy adults, but if the child ceases to write "in olden times," it negatively affects the brain. Scientists from Portugal have proved that handwriting allows the brain to develop much faster and more productively than when typing text on the keyboard.

If the child ceases to write by hand, the parietal lobe of the brain slows down its development, its plasticity decreases, and with age it ceases to change. One of the functions of this area of ​​the brain is the formation of bonds between vision and motion.

For children of preschool age it is very important to do exercises for the development of coordination and precision of movements, and the writing of words with a pen is one of such exercises. Parents, of course, should not prohibit children from using the computer - it develops other abilities. Only very subtle approach to the introduction of such devices into the educational process of the child. The computer makes life easier. For example, if spelling of the text is checked automatically, why teach and know the rules?

Modern students have problems with concentration and attention, and computers need them to play and communicate, not to find new information and development. As Portuguese scientists have pointed out, handwriting improves the concentration of attention, and the subject is quickly digested.

Memory is also strengthened: multiple text spellings allow you to remember it faster, and the material will become easier in the long-term memory.

The tendency of the present is an over-ignorance and depletion of language, which is a direct consequence of the fact that children ceased to read and write by hand. Scientists from the U.S. confirmed the data of their Portuguese colleagues by conducting their own experiments.

Having scanned the brain of the subjects, the researchers determined: the letter by hand improves brain function, stimulates its function, improves memory. This is because writing a text hand increases the number of involved neurons and the brain works more actively.

The letter from the hand has a beneficial effect on the brain
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