Let's keep health: things that can not be shared with others

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In order to protect oneself from infection by diseases, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of personal hygiene and under no circumstances take or omit certain things.

So, staying with friends at bedtime or leaving somebody at your place of residence, sometimes there is such a situation that there is no personal hygiene item, and you are in a hurry to take it or borrow it. We must remember - the most harmful things that have been in someone else's hands can be the source of many serious problems and cause the body irreparable damage.

It is necessary to remember once and for all what things can not be borrowed:

- Soap is covered after each use by different microorganisms, which in some cases can become the cause of an infectious disease; - A towel is a continuous spawning place for bacteria that can become a source of infection with fungal infections and skin diseases; - Deodorant - must be exclusively separate from each member of the family;

- Balm for the lips - giving it to others' hands and using someone else's, you can easily catch the herpes virus; - Headphones - this kind of an innocent object is a handler of bacteria in the ears. You can come back with staphylococcus or streptococcus headphones - these harmful infections accumulate in the ear of sulfur and are always actively distributed at the least convenient occasion; - Shoes - especially dangerous shoes, which is worn on the bare feet and can be a source of fungal diseases, which will entail a number of problems. Remember that shoes are a piece of clothing that you do not even have to share with even the closest people;

- Earrings - these jewelry can simply be swarmed with microbes. Before exchanging and borrowing, the earrings must be thoroughly wiped with alcoholic tincture; - Toothpaste - from a collision with the bristles of someone else's brush, infection of the tube with the microbes may occur;

- Pumice for the legs is simply a well of different bacteria and dead skin. Such a "treasure" is definitely impossible to share and to use a stranger - fungus or warts may appear on the feet; - Hair clipper - giving this thing in someone else's hands or borrowing it, you must carefully disinfect it before use.

In addition, you can not give and take someone else's trimmer for the nose, creams in jars, tweezers, snips, razors, scrubs, toothbrushes.

Let's keep health: things that can not be shared with others

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