Lasers to make miracles

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Doctors use a laser to correct retina detachment, myopia and astigmatism.

Nina Balashova, the head of the correspondent about the prospects of the development of ophthalmology in an exclusive interview. Department of Export of Medical Services of FGU MNTK "Eye Microsurgery" named after. Academician S. Fedorov.

- What do we do wrong, why do patients from ophthalmologists come only year after year?

- We all live in a certain environment where it is customary to watch TV, read, work on your computer more than walk and enjoy nature. We eat badly, we do not have time to relax and look elsewhere, beyond the horizon. The whole world we see is limited by proximity.

- How fast is modern ophthalmology?

- Five years ago, did not do what is now. Techniques and views on many things change rapidly. The last of the gains that we learned to work with microscopic units is to correct even retina detachment.

Our leading surgeon in this area Valery Dmitrievich Zakharov just arrived from an international conference in Vietnam, where he demonstrated the operation on a vitreous body. The Vietnamese simply did not believe what they saw. The operation was at the most advanced level.

Through a microscopic section without seaming it is possible to do inside the eye, not even super-complicated, but fantastic operations. My heart is freezing, seeing it, it's hard to come up with a more perfect picture for specialists in our area.

- With what discoveries was your scientific activity connected?

- I was engaged in issues of progressive myopia of high degree at a time when microsurgery was not yet developed; the most progressive radical keratoma was considered, which allowed hundreds of people to get rid of glasses.

At that time, hundreds of patients were operated at the institute. There were moments of a certain risk, but the very fact of the operations then gave the hope to specialists that myopia was not a sentence. Apart from glasses and contact lenses, which, incidentally, not all carry, there are some other ways to improve the quality of life.

Keratom was then gradually investigated and became a colossal base for further operations. Then lasers came to her place.

- And then there is where



- Of course! Many years ago, when I graduated from the institute, went to ophthalmology and began to study scientific literature, I first wondered what else can be done in ophthalmology, since all has already been discovered and described.

Then it became clear that the work can be improved a thousand times. In the world there will never be a final superfood, tomorrow something new will appear. This is the stimulus of life.

Lasers to make miracles
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