Large intervals between teeth

How To Close Gaps Between Teeth (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Large intervals between the teeth - a phenomenon quite common. Although previously it was believed that such a gap between the teeth - a sign of the success of the endeavors and life successes, as a rule, this defect is very embarrassing their owners.

It happens that big teeth, or rather, large upper incisors, are loosely spaced apart. The cleft between them can be as small and almost imperceptible, but large intervals between the teeth may also be formed. Someone transforms such shcherbinki into a jolly of his appearance, and someone, on the contrary, in every way complexes on this subject.

Dentistry distinguishes between two types of cracks:

  1. Diasthetics are the clefts that are located between the central teeth. This kind of gaps between the teeth of the lower jaw is very rare.
  2. Three are gaps characteristic of other teeth.

True and false diastems

There are two types of diasthetics: true and false. Misplaced gaps between teeth are found in children with milk teeth. When changing the teeth, as a rule, the diastema disappears without a trace. True gaps arise even after the appearance of permanent teeth. Deciding whether to get rid of such a defect should be as early as possible, because the earlier the correction will be the more unobtrusive it will be.

Large intervals between the teeth: the main reasons

The reasons for which there are large gaps between the teeth are diverse:

Large intervals between teeth

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