The lack of children makes people happier

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It is believed that the presence of children in the family gives a sense of the importance of life. But the latest study by the Open University of more than 5,000 people showed: married couples without children live happier, writes The Telegraph. They are more satisfied with their relationship and feel that the partner appreciates them. And this applies to both sexes.

Without children, people managed to maintain relations at the proper level, coming together in the world. But all the same, the mother was happiest, but childless women are the most unlucky ones. In men, on the contrary: the indicators of personal happiness from parents were lower rates of childless men.

It is noteworthy: all people said that simple words of gratitude are an important element of a strong relationship. And an unpleasant love experience - a positive aspect. It forces a person to maintain and strengthen current relationships.

The lack of children makes people happier
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