Kvitashvili: the doctor's fee is not a bribe

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Minister of Health Aleksandr Kvitashvili does not consider a bribe a monetary "thank" of patients for doctors. He said this in an interview.

"Doctors are charging for bribes - when you write a bribe note and get money for it, and if you have cured someone and the state pays you 20 hryvnias for a six-hour operation at heart, then the patient wants to thank you. This is, of course, abnormal, but though I do not think it's a bribe, "the minister said.

He also noted that problems with equipment in Ukrainian hospitals will continue until the state begins to pay for the service. "While we will finance the bed, it will be difficult to guarantee the quality and normal attitude to patients. When there is a system of payment for services, we We will look at where patients are most likely to go, which will give hospitals the incentive to work with modern equipment, which takes time, "said Kvitashvili.

According to him, if a package of bills is adopted, it will be possible to switch to specific calculation formulas.

Kvitashvili: the doctor's fee is not a bribe
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