Kvitashvili explained what the salaries of doctors would depend on

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Minister of Health Oleksandr Kvitashvili wants to change the principle of remuneration for medical workers. He said this during a presentation of the bills at a meeting of the MOH board on Tuesday in Kyiv.

"Regarding the payment for medical services, there will be a change from a fixed payment for staffing to pay for services rendered, medical salaries will depend on the volume of services provided," he said.

According to the minister, the Ministry of Health will develop standard contracts for the work of a healthcare worker in a health facility (UZ).

Kvitashvili also proposes to provide a reform of the health care system to change the status of medical institutions and provide them with autonomy in management. Moreover, the decision on the legal form of the U.S. will be taken by the relevant bodies of self-government, in accordance with the principles of decentralization.

Health care institutions will manage their budgets on their own and will be able to attract funds from private foundations and donors.

In turn, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, present at the board, said that he demanded from Quitashvili by September to show real results in reforming the Ministry of Health.

"We have three months with you… There is a parliament, Parliament wants change, there is a ministry, the ministry proposes amendments, and in September I demand the result both for the adoption of the law, for the purchase of medicines, and for the provision of vaccination, a concrete result!" - The head of government appealed to Kvitashvili.

Yatsenyuk added: "By September, I will be going through all ministries, or I look so that some members of the coalition simply forgot what a coalition government is." He recalled that the responsibility for reform in the country lies with the government, the parliamentary coalition, the prime minister and the president.

Kvitashvili explained what the salaries of doctors would depend on

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