Kropiv'yanka in children

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Kidney throat in young children occurs on the background of diathesis, especially in artificially fed children. In this case, the disease belongs to a group of food allergies.

In the following years of a child's life, various types of household allergies, insect bites, pollen of plants, medicinal allergies, cold allergy are of great importance.

The symptoms of urticaria in children are usually pronounced: on a delicate skin there are numerous rashes of bright pink color, they have various outlines and are accompanied by a strong itching. On the tops of the rash there are small bubbles, then they burst (or combing) and in their place, crits are formed. Rash can spread throughout the body, but is most often localized in large folds, on the buttocks, on the hands, on the cheeks. With cold urticaria, rash appears more often on the face and hands, so you need to use special protective creams before going out into the cold during the cold season.

In addition to the rash, signs of urticaria in children may be dry skin, dyspeptic disorders (vomiting, diarrhea or constipation), as well as loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, anxiety. Distinguish acute and chronic urticaria. Acute urticaria usually lasts for a short time, from several hours to several days, sometimes lasts for several months. If you can immediately determine the allergen and remove it - the urticaria passes quickly and without any trace. The severe course of acute allergic urticaria in children is called Giant Throat (Queen's edema), the patient is subject to immediate hospitalization, since it is life-threatening. Chronic urticaria is a recurrent disease. In most cases, with successful treatment, the urticaria passes to 3-7 years, but sometimes it goes into diffuse neurodermatitis, scratch.

How to treat urticaria in children at home? We will arrange that it is possible in light forms of urticaria and with confidence in the diagnosis, since the symptoms are in many ways similar to scabies. The main thing - to try to identify the allergen or a factor that provoked the appearance of rash and exclude it from the contact. Then there is treatment of damaged skin: in young children - pink solution of manganese, decoction of turnip, chlorhexidine solution, and from three years - 1% salicylic alcohol. After rubbing, the ointment is applied, depending on the situation, with anti-inflammatory (phenistil, psilolo-balsam), antiseptic (hexicon, bepanthen plus) or healing action (solkoseril, bepanthen). If necessary (malaise, headache, fever) prescribe the use of antihistamines (antiallergic) dasgs (suprastin, and with cold urticaria semipreces) and calcium preparations (Calcinova). In anxiety and disturbance of sleep prescribed sedation (valerian, calm, Tenothen).

The diet of urticaria in children should be hypoallergenic, without spicy, smoked and salty products, you can not eat citrus, pineapples, eggplants, tomatoes, fragrant herbs, all products with preservatives and flavors, chocolate. Recommended dairy products, porridges, casseroles, cereal soups, stewed vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, bananas, sweet varieties of plums or others that do not cause urticaria). When adding new foods or foods to the baby, parents should carefully look at their skin regularly, remembering the urticaria in children. It is therefore easier to identify a possible allergen and immediately exclude it.

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Kropiv'yanka in children
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