Knee joint pain

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According to statistics, at least one in every second, sooner or later, is confronted with diseases of the joints. And the most common among them are various lesions in the field of the knees. The cause of pain in the knee joint is not always a trauma, very often it occurs due to wear of cartilage surfaces, which usually becomes the first symptom of various diseases.

The knee joint is the largest joint of the human body. If it's healthy, movement is easy, and people can walk, go back and do other things without feeling pain. If motion is difficult and causes discomfort, one has to deal with the cause of problems so that one can choose effective treatment and restore flexibility to the knee joint.

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Causes of pain in the knee joint

In most cases, pain is a symptom of joint damage, most often it occurs due to the following diseases:

  • Arthrosis of the knee joint (gonorrhea) - causes destruction and deformation of the joints, depriving them of mobility;
  • Arthritis of the knee joint (gonarthritis, chase) - an inflammatory disease that can develop independently or as a complication after other illnesses;

  • Meniscus damage (meniscopy) - severe pain in the knee after injury or simply as a result of an uncomfortable movement. This condition must be treated, otherwise it can go into chronic form and cause deformative arthrosis;
  • Vascular pain - a pathology that occurs quite often, in which the patient experiences discomfort in the knees due to blood circulation disorders in the joints;
  • Inflammation of the tendons (periarthritis) - with the disease there is pain in the knee joint, which increases when you rise and fall down the stairs. It often affects women over the age of 40 who are overweight;
  • Bursitis is a defeat of the articular cavities filled with liquid, which perform the function of amortization.


Determine the cause of pain in the knee joint can be from its nature. So, aching pain, which is especially worrisome in the morning after awakening and occurs every time during movement, is often a sign of arthrosis. Another symptom of this disease is a crunch in the joint.

If unpleasant sensations are accompanied by edema and local fever (the knee is hot on the touch), most likely in the patient arthritis.

Permanent aching pain, which occurs especially at night, indicates thrombosis of the leg veins. At sharp and unexpected pain of a joint it is possible to defeat a meniscus.

In addition, severe pain may occur with rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other common diseases. In this case, the pain is symmetrical and felt immediately on both legs.

Treatment for pain in the knee joint

Getting rid of the discomfort in the knee without treating the disease that caused it, it is impossible. Strong pain in the knee joint is an occasion for immediate medical attention.

This is especially true when:

  • The pain is so strong that it does not allow you to step on the leg;
  • Pain was the result of trauma, which is accompanied by deformation of the knee;
  • Discomfort in the knee is accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

Usually the doctor prescribes the following therapy:

1. The use of drugs that restore the structure of cartilage tissue and prevent its destruction - chondroprotectors. They do not act quickly, and they need to be taken regularly for about six months. It is important to begin treatment as soon as possible, until the cartilage has not yet completely destroyed.

2. The use of NSAIDs to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain relief. It is also efficient to use a special bandage that fixes the joint and prevents its rejection.

3. To medical treatment with pains in the knee joint include, in addition, massage and medical physical training. The doctor should appoint the necessary procedures.

Folk remedies

At home, suitable warming compresses and ointments that can be cooked by yourself are suitable for pain relief:

  • Salt compress - mix a teaspoon of salt with equal amount of soda and add 7 drops of iodine to the mixture. Apply on a knee with a knee, get the mixture, wrap the leg and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and apply vitamin cream to the affected area. The procedure must be performed at least 5-6 times;
  • Mustard ointment for pain in the knee joint - 100 g dry mustard mixed with 100 g of camphor oil, add to the mixture of 2 whipped egg whites. At night, put on the knees and wrap them with woolen cloth. Apply to stigmata of pain sensations;
  • Tincture of bitter pepper - chopped pods are supplemented with alcohol or vodka for a week. Use for rubbing the painful joint.

It is very important that a patient with diseased joints adheres to a diet rich in plant foods, fish and seafood, which contribute to the restoration of articular cartilage.

If treatment is effective, the result should be fixed, for which you should lead a healthy lifestyle and do not expose your knees to heavy loads.

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Knee joint pain

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