Knee injury: symptoms, varieties, consequences

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Almost every person at least once in his life faced such a thing as a knee injury, the symptoms of which are pronounced. Such injuries are most commonly encountered in sports.

The knee joint is the largest joint of the body, and the upper and lower bones of this joint are divided into all two partitions, called meniscus. Typically, knee injury symptoms are quite painful. Most injuries occur during entertainment and sports.

Symptoms and varieties of knee injuries

Lower bones, which include the fibula and tibia, as well as the femur, bind to each other by their tendons, muscles and ligaments. Inside the knee joint, the bone surface is covered with cartilage, which absorbs the impact of impact. The smooth elastic surface provides a normal slide of the bones when moving.

The knee injury has symptoms depending on the type of injury, but the main symptom is severe pain around the knee and in the knee, often accompanied by edema.

Symptoms of knee injury:

Knee injury: symptoms, varieties, consequences
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