Kleptomania: throat like a disease

What Is Kleptomania? | Addictions (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Claptomania is an obscure desire to steal things that do not constitute a special value for a stolen person.

Kleptomania is a serious mental illness. People suffering from kleptomania can not stop when there is an incentive to take someone else's thing. At this moment they do not control the situation and its consequences.


The causes of kleptomania are not fully understood. According to some assumptions, the disorder is associated with being in the brain a chemical substance - serotonin, which is responsible for regulating mood and emotions. There is also the opinion that kleptomania may be associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. But it requires further evidence.

Risk factors

Clototomonia is considered a rare disorder of mental health and most often occurs spontaneously in adolescence or youth, less often in early childhood or in the elderly. Factors that increase the likelihood of development of kleptomania may be:

  • Stress (the development of the disease can be affected by family quarrels, problems with peers);
  • Brain injury;
  • heredity.


Many kleptomanes do not want to admit that the sick. They find any justification for their actions, but with a visit to the doctor they will be delayed until the circumstances force them to seek medical help. Identify the illness can be for several symptoms:

  • Feeling of tension in the form of purpose;
  • An insurmountable desire to steal a thing that is not needed;
  • A sense of joy and pleasure during the theft;
  • Strong sense of guilt or shame after committing theft.

When to go to a doctor

Decide on an independent step and tell about all the therapist is very difficult, but necessary. Remember that your doctor will be safe: he will never tell the authorities that his patient is stealing.

Before you go to a specialist, you need:

  • Collect all medical information about other mental and physical conditions that have been diagnosed;
  • Record the names of all medications taken or biologically active additives;
  • Make a list of questions that interest you.


Clapton thieves. They do not pursue personal gain. For people with kleptomania stolen things usually do not represent values. They realize that they are getting poorly, fussing between shame because of the desire to steal and a sense of joy from his satisfaction.

With a person suffering from kleptomania, you need to talk delicately. It is important to remember that this is not a defect, but a mental disorder that is subject to correction. Without it, kleptomania can lead to serious legal and financial problems.

When treating kleptomania, drugs that stabilize the mood and antidepressants are used.

Kleptomania: throat like a disease

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