Kinezot: why we lose it and what to do with it

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According to statistics, kinetoses affect 5-10% of the Earth's population, most of them children, adolescents and young people.

Symptoms of stinging: nausea up to vomiting, dizziness, weakness, nausea, cold sweat, arising when moving on any kind of transport, swings, attractions, escalators, etc.

The reason for such a reaction is inadequate work of the receptors of the vestibular apparatus, a small complex organ located in the inner ear. Also, the role of the receptors of muscle and skin, visual, as well as the receptors of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract plays a role. They all react to the movement of the body in space, the displacement of internal organs and "flickering of pictures" in front of the eyes.

Treatment for kinetosis

There are no methods for successful treatment of this ailment, but we can only try to reduce its symptoms. In case of very strong manifestations it is necessary to pass the examination and to check whether you have other neurological diseases.

People suffering from kinetoses are encouraged to take classes in sports that combine jogging with acceleration and jumping (football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics), as well as riding a bike, jogging, dancing. You can try to workout on swings.

How to prepare for a trip

You can not eat a lot before a trip, but do not leave the stomach empty. Restrict to yogurt, light sandwich, vegetables, fruits or flakes. If the road is long, you should take light food with you. Before the trip, do not drink whole milk and drinks with gas, drink alcohol or smoke. Get ready

In the transport you have to choose a place in the middle of the cabin, where the duck is always minimal. Do not sit up against traffic, keep an eye on flashing objects outside the window, read or do some small manipulations (embroidery, solving crosswords, playing mobile games). It is best to throw your head on the headrest and relax with your eyes closed, or look forward to the horizon line (if you are sitting in the front seat in the car).

To facilitate the trip in the case of kinetosis can be and with the help of drugs that are sold in pharmacies. They are able to inhibit increased activity of the vestibular structures and thus prevent slipping.

Kinezot: why we lose it and what to do with it
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