Types of radiculitis

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The pain in the back or neck often leads to a doctor. One of the most common causes of this pain is radiculitis.

Radiculitis is inflammation of the roots of the spinal nerves. The greatest clinical manifestations of radiculitis depend on the extent to which the spine is located in the affected roots. On this basis distinguish cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral sciatica.

Cervical radiculitis

Under the cervical radiculitis, one understands the case when the affected spines are the cervical spine, that is, from the first to the seventh vertebra inclusive. Most often the fifth, sixth and seventh vertebrae are struck.

Neck sciatica usually begins at the age of 40 years, proceeds long, often with relapse. The first sign of the disease is the appearance of one-way pain in the neck. The pain intensifies during movement and can spread to the upper chest and occipital area.

As a rule, movement of the head in the direction of defeat and retraction back is difficult. Quite often, these symptoms are accompanied by a feeling of numbness in the area of ​​the brush, the same feeling can be observed in the neck, as well as the chest.

In most cases, on the side of the defeat, there are violations of vascular nutrition: dry skin, excessive moisturizing, marbling or cold appetite of the limb.

Thoracic scarlet scrotum

Thoracic radiculitis is much less common in the cervical or lumbar sacroilum. Typically, its cause is viral infections, for example, an activator of shingles.

The clinical picture of radiculitis consists of acute pain in the intercostal spaces, combined with a feeling of numbness or a feeling of ants.

Often, people with breast radiculitis bend to the affected side and move so, avoiding any movement that can aggravate pain.

Lumbar radiculitis

Lumbar radiculitis is the most common form of radiculitis. Mostly sick people 30-55 years old, strain excess strain hard work, as well as those who work in bad weather conditions.

Lumbar radiculitis is characterized by a long course with frequent relapses. People complain of back pain and often - pain in the legs, especially on the back of their surface.

The lumbar spine is practically immobile, the movement causes severe pain.

Types of radiculitis
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