Keep your throat in the summer

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The World Health Organization has estimated that in the summer, the incidence of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, and in general all diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract is 12% higher than in winter and autumn.

This is due to the fact that the disease does not cause frost or dampness, and viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, and the saturation of the air during the year is approximately the same. Another thing is the human readiness of the virus and the bacterium to catch up. And in the summer we in many ways provoke it for ourselves.

The reasons are well known:

  • Cold air conditioner;
  • Local overcooling (draft);
  • Love for the cold soul;
  • Bathing in cold pools and rivers;
  • The use of cold drinks and ice cream.

The latter factor of 65-80% is the cause of the summer childhood morbidity in acute respiratory infections with symptoms of throat inflammation. Suffer and adults.

Mechanism of development of throat diseases

When in the heat of the heat it gets cold, the throat gets cold, at the site of the collision with the pharyngeal mucosa there is an irritation that immediately violates local factors of nonspecific and specific immune protection, and they are in the mucous membrane of the throat - a whole complex.

It is the normal state of the immunity of the oropharynx to counter pathogenic microflora, which is constantly present in our mouth, but the violation of such a balance between pathogens and local immunity serves as an impetus for the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oropharynx. It does not matter whether they have a streptococcus or a rhinovirus - they have an excellent ability to overcome the mucous membrane, penetrate into the body and cause the disease.

Summer sore throat: how to be

In heat, a person sweats and loses about 2 times more moisture than in nonflammable days. In accordance with the need to fill this shortage, she wants to drink very much. And you must drink. But only not cold water, but a little cool. By the way, the mechanism of replenishment of moisture works fine if you drink warm green tea.

If you really want ice cream or a cold drink, it's best to sit in the shade and allow your body to cool slightly, and to drink or eat cold should be in no hurry. For children, doctors do not advise to give cold drinks and ice cream in the heat. The maximum that they can afford is to eat ice cream on the dumplings.

Keep your throat in the summer
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