Stages of caries

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Caries is the most common dental disease that afflicts a large part of the population. Solid tissues of the tooth under the influence of various factors soften, thinnish, forming small spots, which rapidly and noticeably increase. In order to prevent the complete destruction of the tooth, it is necessary to take time to prevent caries.

Caries occurs most often due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. Until its appearance may lead to malnutrition, weakening of the immune system, adverse environmental conditions, bad water, which contains an insufficient amount of fluorine, calcium and phosphorus.

There are several types of caries. Dentists distinguish the cervical and fissure form. This disease always proceeds equally, gradually realized all the stages of caries.

The main stages of the caries

The problem described develops gradually in a well-known scenario:

  1. First, dark spots are formed. They appear as a result of a lack of certain minerals, and, as a result, the color of the enamel varies. Sensitivity appears. The mineralization procedure allows you to quickly eliminate such troubles and stop the development of further destruction.
  2. Then there is a defeat of the enamel. Cone-shaped defect causes unpleasant sensations that make a person turn to a specialist.
  3. The next stage of caries-damage to the upper layers of dentin. The pulp remains protected, but a large carious cavity with a different defect in the dental tissue is formed. Treatment reduces to ordinary sealing, it helps to save the damaged tooth.
  4. If the described processes can not be eliminated in time, there will be a defect in deep layers of dentin, which implies the progressive development of destruction of the tissues of the tooth. If the cavity enters the food, the patient experiences severe pain, which is eliminated with the help of special medications and complex treatment.

If timely do not contact a dentist, the last stages of the caries can lead to tooth loss. The more active they are, the more difficult it is to treat them, therefore it is worthwhile to contact a dentist in a timely manner who can advise on preventive measures that prevent the appearance of destruction of enamel.

Prevention of caries, elimination of symptoms that determine the stage of the disease

Treatment of caries in the early stages is not a special complication. A simple remineralization procedure helps to stop tooth decay very effectively and painlessly. If the caries penetrates into the solid layers of the tooth, a special treatment is made of the formed cavity and sealing is carried out. Modern restoration is capable of much, it is possible to eliminate the defects created, that the whole tooth has been serving for many years. But nevertheless experts recommend taking preventive measures and not proving the state of the cavity to the critical one. Necessary:

  1. Correctly eat.
  2. Caring for a cavity of the mouth.
  3. Regularly visit the dentist.

Remember that the described problems can adversely affect the general state of human health, so it is not necessary to provoke the formation of complications. At any stage of caries, pathogenic organisms are able to take advantage of a weakness in the protection of general well-being.

Stages of caries
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