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Healthy and white teeth are not a luxury but a norm. A beautiful smile is considered a business card, but not all of the teeth are characterized by underwear. That is why many people resort to the use of special means, among which are allocated cap for bleaching.

Tooth whitening was previously considered a fashionable and expensive procedure. But now this service is offered by every dental clinic. Along with chemical and laser teeth whitening, there are pencils, whitening drops, toothpastes and other remedies.

We do not always have time and financial opportunity to visit a dentist and undergo a procedure for teeth illumination. Therefore, we are confident that we can use it at home. Perhaps the most effective and affordable way is to use a bleach cap.

What is kapi

Capa is a special device based on flexible plastic. They are sold in pharmacies, but the most appropriate solution is to order individual drops at the dentist. He will make dentin upper and lower jaw, and then make silicone caps, which you will use with the gel.

The main purpose of the drops for dental illumination is the maximum concentration of the active substance on the surface of the tooth, as well as the protection of the mucous and soft tissues from its effects. In a cape a gel is laid, and they put on for 6-8 hours. The length of the procedure can take from 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the condition of your teeth. It is allowed to wear cap for bleaching at night.

In the process of using cap you may have some complications. Of course, you will feel discomfort, but soon get used to it. If gel gets into the gum, it can cause irritation. Do not worry, it will go away after a while. In addition, the sensitivity of the teeth rises, so clean them sparing toothpaste.

The advantage of bleaching drip is that you can undergo treatment without interruption from everyday affairs. The effect that you get as a result is fixed for 3-5 years, but is achieved much faster compared to other home-based bleaching agents.

Other ways

There are other ways to whiten teeth.

  1. An alternative to drops for teeth whitening may be a chemical method. During its application to the patient on a teeth a gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide is applied. Under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp, the gel is activated, resulting in the teeth getting lighter by 8-10 tones.
  2. Laser whitening by its mechanism is similar to chemical, but instead of a lamp, an argon laser is used. Experts say that the effect of laser bleaching is more durable and reliable, but the statements are not confirmed yet.
  3. At home, you can use not only whitening caps, but also pencils. They are compact, so just take them with you. But the result of the pencils is fixed for a short time.

Do not forget that your teeth may by nature be darker, so the light will not bring the desired effect, but only damage the tooth enamel. To avoid this, consult with a dentist who will advise you on the correct solution to the problem.

Kapi for teeth whitening

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