Reducing pain with hemorrhoids can be done with this diet

Top 10 Diets To Cure Piles (Hemorrhoids) And Fistula (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The work of his digestive system, which in turn affects metabolism, depends on what the human diet and his physical activity will be. As you know, hemorrhoids occur when people experience problems with metabolism. Hemorrhoids are one of the most intimate diseases that cause unpleasant and painful feelings not only when a person is in the toilet, but also in the process of being. With hemorrhoids, an uncomfortable walking, jogging, sedentary lifestyle, and so on.

Doctors have shared tips that help get rid of painful feelings when hemorrhoids, and also can completely cure this disease, but provided that it is not started:

1. First of all, you must abandon those products that "fasten" the intestine and do not allow it to be emptied in time, thereby contributing to the appearance of hemorrhoids. These include: grenades, flour products, pasta, pear, cranberries, strong tea, hot drinks, fried greasy meat and so on.

2. To include in a diet of such products which have mechanical influence on an intestine, thus provoking its active work and timely emptying. These are: meat with veins, cartilage, chicken skin or any not very oily fish.

3. Of course, there is a place for fiber, because it is known for its ability to gently cleanse the intestine, normalize metabolic processes in it, remove toxins and slags, and also accelerate metabolism. Therefore, foods rich in fiber are irreplaceable in hemorrhoids. Choose from: vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grains, berries and so on.

4. If the constipation is caused by tumors in the intestine or by its bends, which is a congenital pathology, then it is better to be careful with fiber, and in the diet to make fatty oils and oils that will soften the fecal masses and help them to proceed more smoothly, which is beneficial. Affect the hemorrhoids. These products include: any oil, including butter, lard in any form, fat sour cream and cream and fish and meat canned in oil.

5. When constipation and hemorrhoids, you must constantly use products that stimulate intestinal peristalsis. Doctors say the fact that salty foods such as salted fish and its roe, salty corned beef and water thinning stool and make it softer.

6. juice from fresh fruits and vegetables well affect digestion and saturate the body with vitamins, so it is recommended to drink all people, even those who do not have constipation and hemorrhoids.

7. Milk product for hemorrhoids - a rescue, because thanks to them in the gut of useful bacteria appear that positively affect the motility and peristalsis. Such products help cleanse the intestines from all the harmful and accelerate the metabolism.

Reducing pain with hemorrhoids can be done with this diet

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