Is it possible to install braces on one jaw

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Until recently, the bite could only be corrected in children. They did it with the help of the simplest removable plates. Nowadays, professionals are ready to offer the patient the latest developments in this field, for example, brackets for one jaw.

Braces are increasingly used to correct bite, not only in children, but also in adults. This is a non-removable system that is fixed on the teeth for any period (sometimes quite long).

There are single and duodenal systems. Often, set up a biaxial bracket system. Such a device fights with all existing defects in the oral cavity, while controlling all the teeth. However, this is an expensive option. And then it is possible to rescue a single-breech variant of bracket-systems.

Advantages of brackets for one jaw

Brackets for one jaw have several undeniable advantages.

  1. The cost of such a device is much cheaper. If a correction of all teeth is required, one can work with the upper and lower jaws one by one. Thus, it will not be necessary to pay the full amount immediately.
  2. Single-bracelet brackets allow for a phase-by-stage treatment. It will be, though more durable, but at the same time individual, that is important.
  3. Adaptation to such a system is easier. Wearing it will not affect work and everyday life. Installing such a system means long-term use, which is why comfort is very important.

Features of braces on one jaw

An important factor for many people is the general aesthetic of the braces for only one jaw. Being already dressed and secured, such a system will be virtually imperceptible in the cavity of the mouth. You can speak boldly, smile and even laugh, especially when choosing a ceramic version.

Brackets for one jaw mean an individual approach to the needs of the patient. Sometimes it is better to install a more qualitative system in two stages than to immediately install a cheaper, but less qualitative, analogue on both jaws. You can choose an option that is right in this case. At the same time as a starting point, not only the features of the structure of the teeth, but also the financial capabilities of the patient are taken into account.

To find the best option, you should contact a proven, skilled orthodontist. Systems that are designed for one jaw, very often get patients. However, they are not suitable for everyone. An experienced physician will be able to recommend the very option that will be optimal in a particular case.

Is it possible to install braces on one jaw

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