Can you get rid of feet on feet?

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Bones on toes are a serious problem for many women, rarely - for men. It becomes difficult for them to pick up shoes, it is difficult to stay on the legs for long, legs hurt and quickly get tired.

Bones on toes are a serious problem for many women, rarely - for men. It becomes difficult for them to pick up shoes, it is difficult to stay on the legs for long, legs hurt and quickly get tired. The tendency for the formation of stones is inherited, but their actual appearance does not always occur. Factors that provoke the appearance of cones on the legs, partly dependent on the person.

The main provocative factor is flattening, it always develops against the backdrop of weakness of the ligaments and foot muscles, their increased elongation, and leads to deformation of the foot. It is the weakness of the connection and muscle inherited, but it can be corrected. In a healthy foot, the bones of the foot are fixed in the form of a bundle of bundles and muscles, which allows you to maintain balance and perform walking elastic movements.

With weak ligaments, the bones of the foot under the influence of the load begin to diverge, the front part of the foot (the transverse flattening) extends and the position of the fingers changes, and the thumb begins to deviate in the direction to the adjacent fingers. At the same time, the head of the first molar bone increases, forming an "ankle". Overload of the foot is a trigger for the process of flattening the foot, it occurs when standing loads, when wearing high-heeled shoes, in the presence of excess weight.

When overloading the foot, an incorrect re-distribution of the weight on the knees and hip joints, as well as on the spine, will further cause other health problems. At the initial stages of deformation, heaviness in the legs is felt in the evenings, and later there is pain. In unfinished stages, finger dislocations are possible. Not the least role in the formation of cones are hormonal disorders, according to the statistics of the disease is actively progressing during climax.

Ankles on the toes of the toes

The painful stone at the base of the thumb prevents the wearing of normal shoes, forcing them to move to soft "galoshes". Many women are ready for everything, in order to only get rid of hated stones, they use a lot of ways, but in the best case they reduce pain and inflammation, and the bone remains. The fact is that the cause of the stones - deformation of the foot - is an orthopedic problem, so it is necessary to solve it with the help of a doctor orthopaedist.

Orthopedic treatment of the stones on the legs can slow down the further development of the disease, strengthen the ligament-muscular apparatus of the foot and return to normal footwear. Treatment includes medical gymnastics, massage and physiotherapy, as well as the wearing of insulin inserts, which support the arch of the foot in the right position. The more pronounced the stones, the longer the treatment.

In the far-advanced stages, an operation on the legs is performed: either a less traumatic operation on the muscles and a capsule of the joint of the thumb, or in cases of severe deformations - an operation on both soft tissues and on the bones of the foot. For example, a large stomach on the leg does not go anywhere, it is subject to an operation with osteotomy, that is, the creation of a fracture in the right place with the subsequent correction of deformation.

Modern techniques allow surgery on both legs simultaneously. After the operation, the feet are fixed with gypsum or special footwear in the correct position for the period of splice and restoration. After surgery, the patient should wear orthopedic insoles constantly, and the insertion between the first and second finger - 1.5 - 3 months. Full load on the legs is allowed six months after the operation. It is not recommended to constantly wear heels above 3 cm. It is recommended to wear the correct shoes, that is, with a dense sole, a solid comfortable back and a heel not more than 5 cm, do not overload the toes.

Can you get rid of feet on feet?
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