Is it possible to cure vegetative-vascular dystonia

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Vegetatively-vascular dystonia often occurs in women and men, as well as children and the elderly, so it does not belong to a particular gender or age group of people. The first symptoms of VAS are: dizziness, heart palpitations, unstable arterial pressure, darkening in the eyes, and general malaise. Doctors always calm people with dystonia, as they compare it to the usual nervous tension or panic that arose for one reason or another.

It is believed that people who are most susceptible to vegetative-vascular dystonia, who have an emotional character, calm people, this disease is bypassed by the side. The child is nervous because of grades at school, the pensioner does not get a pension in a timely manner, a teenager is just a transitional age and blood is raging, in people of middle age most often stress work and unsustainable life in the family.

Correctly called vegeto-vascular dystonia is a violation of the functioning of the central nervous system. The first thing that a doctor can advise you is to calm down and accept life as it is. If a doctor and prescribes any medication for treating VSD, then most likely it will be soothing medications. It is better, of course, to choose natural natural remedies: tinctures of valerian or pistachio, tea with mint or melissa and the like.

What should be done so that vegeto-vascular dystonia forever left you and did not return:

1. Be sure to go to bed and wake up in time. The dream should be complete, at least 6-7 hours.

2. Have more rest and walk on foot. The movement is a force that can cure even the sickest person.

3. Balanced nutrition also plays a role in your life, so eat fish, meat, vegetables and fruits.

4. Positive thoughts, actions, dreams and desires will help the nervous system to function properly, it will not fail, transforming into a VSD.

5. Exclude your life from bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine suppress the nervous system.

Do not postpone the treatment of dystonia for tomorrow, so how can it really grow into a serious heart disease or nervous system. Live with optimism, make only positive in your life, leave the entire negative behind yourself and then vegeto-vascular dystonia will leave you and stay somewhere in the past.

Is it possible to cure vegetative-vascular dystonia
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