Invented a way to "disable" the development of cancer in the body

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An international group of physicians has discovered a common set of proteins for many cancer cells, the appearance of which in the vicinity of the tumor dramatically slows its growth, which can be used to treat cancer and alleviate the lives of patients, according to an article published in the journal Oncogene.

"We thought that when the cancer cells were fooling, they simply lost control over themselves, but it turned out that in fact these insane cells retained some part of the memory of their" law-abiding "state and how good cells behaved, which was greatly surprised This is why our discovery is so serious and important, "said Anton Wellstein from the University of Georgetown (USA).

Wellstein and colleagues found that cancer cells retained the ability to control their division, despite the large damage to the DNA structure, almost randomly. One of the authors of the article noticed, observing the growth of samples of tumors in the tubes, that the cancer cells from "overcrowded" vessels were much worse penetrated into healthy tissues of experimental animals than cultures from relatively empty vessels.

Differences in the growth rate of tumors surprised biologists, and they tried to find the reason for this unusual phenomenon by comparing the protein content of cancer cells. It turned out that the reason for the slow growth of cells from overpopulated tubes was that they included and showed great activity in the chain of Hippo proteins, controlling the size of the organs during the growth of the embryo.

"Hypothetically, one can make the same cancer cells aggressive or calm, depending on whether the Hippo is included or not, and it really affects our imagination. From the standpoint of genetics and calm, and aggressive cells are absolutely the same, the only thing that is different - The activity of this metabolic cascade, "continued Wellstein.

According to him, the full version of Hippo is present, as experiments in his laboratory have shown, not in one, but in almost all common types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate, pancreas and lungs. Scientists believe that the drugs that activate Hippo can be used to slow down the development of cancer in the early stages and to prevent its metastasis.

Invented a way to "disable" the development of cancer in the body
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