Invented a great way to become a patient person

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The information received by a person in a state of sleep can affect his attitude to the world and even teach tolerance. To this conclusion came the organizers of the experiment, the report of which was published in one of the magazines.

Research director Xiao Qing Hu (Xiaoqing Hu) reported that the experiment was conducted in two phases. At first the subjects were shown two groups of people. The first includes the image of women, surrounded by various statements on the subject of mathematics and science, the second - the image of black people, accompanied by words with a positive emotional color.

The show of each group was accompanied by a characteristic sound. The subjects then fell asleep for 90 minutes. When the dream went into a deep phase, people lost one of two sounds, and in advance they did not know what they heard.

As scientists have found, after viewing the images and before sleep, the subjects showed a lower level of bias (disparaging) attitude towards women engaged in scientific activities and people with different skin color than before the start of the experiment. But if they did not hear anything during sleep, then this wake up returned to the level of "preexperimental".

However, if the test subjects were allowed to listen to sounds, then their degree of bias decreased by a further 56 percent compared with the estimate at bedtime. A retest, conducted a week later, showed that the bias of the participants did not recover to the starting level for this term, remaining 20 percent lower than the initial one.

Scientists believe that the method works because in a dream people re-lose memories of the day spent, transferring information from short-term to long-term memory. If a person hears a characteristic sound, then the memory is played repeatedly, which improves the learning process.

The authors noted that without further research it is impossible to understand whether the effect lasts longer than a week and affects the behavior of people. In the comments to the work, it is noted that the use of such correction techniques should be strictly regulated. "Sleep is a state where the individual is in an unconscious state and is easy to invent," reporters report.

Invented a great way to become a patient person
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