Intercostal neuralgia: how to recognize and cure in time

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One of the strongest pain sensations and degrees of intensity is attacks of intercostal neuralgia. While medicine is not taken precisely to call the causes of this disease. But it is precisely known that intercostal neuralgia can lead to chronic diseases of the spine, various metabolic disorders, in some cases, the disorder of the activity of the endocrine glands in a fairly mature age, and sometimes overwork with physical activity.

Pain in attacks of intercostal neuralgia are among the strongest in intensity. The fact is that pain occurs in the intercostal nerves, each of which passes between two separate edges. Does not save in this case even a calm condition - the patient is sometimes difficult even with yawning or coughing.

Often confused with intervertebral neuralgia with heart attacks - they feel very similar in feelings. But in reality, there are also a number of differences in pain and need to be aware of them, so as not to miss a heart attack, writing it on neuralgia, or, conversely, not to be afraid of a heart attack when the nerves are clamped between the edges.

First, with neuralgia, the pain increases with deep breath or exhalation and changes when you change the body position. Secondly, it can be felt. At the same time, the heart pain absolutely does not react and does not change with a deep breath-exhalation or when changing the position of the body. Such pain is sometimes accompanied by a violation of the rhythm of the pulse, changes in blood pressure. Heart pain can be removed with nitroglycerin, and in the case of neuralgia, these drugs will not help.

Medicinal treatment for intercostal neuralgia is prescribed by medical specialists. But the help to cures by national methods never interfere. Among them we will talk about some:

1 It is necessary in linen or gauze bags to put the rotten seeds of flax and apply it to places of pain sensations. 2 Take radish or horseradish, squeeze the juice and lubricate the painful places. This will significantly reduce the pain and remove it. 3 They take a wormwood, paralyze and in such a way apply to the patient a place for relief of pain. To enhance the action, you can mix the mashed potatoes from the wormwood with olive or sea buckthorn oil. 4 The kidneys of aspen are washed, ground in a coffee grinder and added to them butter or vaseline (in the ratio 1: 4). Such ointment rubs out painful areas. 5 An excellent remedy for pain in the intercostal space - tincture of the rutile, which is prepared as follows: take 2 tablespoons of herbs, pour 1 cup of alcohol, insist in tightly closed dishes for a week. This tincture is a great way to make lotions during the pain attacks. 6 Well help and relieve the painful sensations of salt baths with sage. To prepare them you need to take 4 tablespoons of sage, pour them a glass of warm water, insist for an hour, and then strain and add the infusion into a bath with a water temperature of 37 degrees. It is also necessary to dissolve in a bath 4 tablespoons of sea salt. Take such baths at night for 5-10 minutes. Complete course of treatment - 10 procedures.

And even at the intercostal neuralgia, the point-to-point massage is good for pain relief, which is done as follows: - We find the first point, which is opposite the ring finger, the meridian of the three parts of the body. Before the massage thoroughly (for 3 minutes each) massage the legs. - We are looking for a second point, which is located in place, retreating from the middle of the base of the little finger and the fourth finger of the foot between the thin bones. To this point press a pad of thumb, 1 minute 3 times for each leg.

Intercostal neuralgia: how to recognize and cure in time
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