Injustice of the authorities is harmful to the subordinates

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Injustice and humiliation from management at work harms the health of the subordinates. To this conclusion came the Swedish scientists. The researchers analyzed relationships between bosses and employees of different companies for 13 consecutive years. Studies have shown that subordinates who allow humiliation themselves are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than those who express their disagreement with the actions of the head. According to sociological surveys, every third employee is released due to conflicts with the manager. In particular, in Ukraine, the majority of respondents interviewed by journalists expressed dissatisfaction with high demands and a small salary. Psychologist Vadim Kolesnikov advises during the quarrel with the boss to apply the same psychological methods of pressure as he.

"If he knocks his fingers on the table, or, for example, shouts with his eyes fixed, do the same. He will subconsciously feel that you are one field of berry and change your attitude to you," - advises the psychologist.

He also added that it is important to tell the nerve driver that you understand him. It will also help change the attitude.

Injustice of the authorities is harmful to the subordinates
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