Injury in teeth in children: types and treatments

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Dairy teeth in children are more fragile, and it is necessary to care more about them, because the health of permanent teeth depends on it. In infancy, carelessness or inexperience often results in a trauma of teeth in children. In this case, the dentist needs help and you need to contact him as soon as possible.

Loss of teeth due to injuries is the second after the caries. Despite the fact that the welfare of society increases, the number of dental injuries in children is not reduced. This is due to various mobile games of children without adult supervision.

Types of injuries tooth

Injury of teeth in children occurs in two types: acute and chronic. Acute injury occurs as a result of exposure to a tooth external mechanical force. Chronic develops over time due to improper treatment of teeth or bite, in the presence of bad habits (biting on various subjects).

Acute injuries to teeth in children are several types:

  • Slaughter of a tooth In this case, there are cracks on the enamel, which are usually not visible;
  • Tooth dislocation The tooth moves in the hole to the side. Dislocation may be of varying severity, up to the loss of the tooth from the dental cavity; in this case, clear bleeding;
  • Tooth crack In this case, damage to the tooth in children occurs fracture of the crown without fracturing its part. The crack may be of different depths and it can not always be seen with the naked eye;
  • Fracture of the tooth. This injury to teeth in children often leads to its loss;
  • Knocked teeth off the baby. In this case, you should immediately contact your doctor. If the baby's tooth is knocked out in full, and measures taken within the next 1.5-2 hours, doctors may rescue the tooth.

Treatment of traumatic tooth injuries in children

In case of acute injury to the tooth, children should urgently seek medical attention. After reviewing and researching the teeth, the doctor prescribes treatment. If, if the tooth is damaged, the pulp is alive, then for treatment specialists recommend to exclude solid food from the diet, undergo a course of anti-inflammatory therapy, as well as after taking food, rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions.

In the event of a tooth dislocation, if the bone tissue is not damaged, doctors carry out reparations (fixation of the tooth to the former place). The sooner to turn to a doctor, the higher the chance to save it. The main thing - adults should save and give the expert a dislodged tooth.

If there was a fracture of the crown of the tooth, the dentist determines the viability of the pulp, and then chooses the means of its protection. When a tooth fracture without displacement of the debris of its root is possible to keep it with the subsequent sealing of the root canals.

If the child's tooth is knocked out, it can not touch the root, you can only take the crown part. It should always be moist, keep it in your mouth or a glass of milk. In this case, the pediatric dentist will set the tooth out to the place.

Chronic dental injuries in children are treated by eliminating the defect. Sometimes the doctor is sufficiently grinding, and sometimes it is necessary to restore the shape of the tooth filling.

Kid can often not pay attention to dental injuries if they have no pain, but this can lead to serious complications, up to the loss of the tooth. Therefore, parents should periodically pay attention to the condition of the child's teeth, not forgetting about preventive examinations of the dentist.

Injury in teeth in children: types and treatments
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