Injuries to the shoulder joint

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The shoulder joint is the most mobile of all human joints. Every day, he feels a huge load even when performing the simplest movements. Injury and damage to the shoulder joint is not uncommon in medical practice.

Shoulder damage is not only a consequence of injuries. Due to some diseases of connective tissue, the condition of chronic instability in the shoulder joint develops, resulting in periodically repeated shoulder dislocations and other injuries.

Types of injuries of the shoulder joint

  1. Dislocation of the shoulder joint is characterized by the output of the head of the shoulder bone from the cavity of the depression of the joint. Symptoms are manifested immediately after the harmful effects: in the hand it feels soreness, movement in it is broken. Visually, the shoulder joint becomes irregular, swollen. To eliminate the displacement of the humerus, it is necessary to correct it in place.
  2. As an independent disease, the usual dislocation of the shoulder joint is considered - a condition that develops in the chronic instability of the shoulder. Such a diagnosis is made if the displacement of the shoulder bone is repeated 2-3 times a year. Prerequisites for the onset of a normal shoulder dislocation are regular injury to the shoulder joint, connective tissue diseases of the degenerative nature (arthrosis), as well as some anatomical features (for example, weak tendon muscle corset).
  3. Rupture of the rotational cuff - a tendon complex consisting of tendon endings of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint and provides a stable position of the joint during its functioning. A prerequisite for the emergence of such gaps is both injury and degenerative changes in connective tissue. Treatment may be conservative - the overdue carries a tire for a period of 2-3 weeks. If it is not effective, surgical intervention is recommended.
  4. Damage to the joint lobe. Bankart's damage is the separation of the fragment of the capsule of the joint and the joint lip from the anterior section of the edge of the articular depression. If the gap occurs in the place where the biceps is attached, then such damage is called blind-damage. With such injuries, there is a subluxation or complete dislocation in the shoulder joint.

Shoulder joint disease

All diseases of the shoulder joint occur with practically identical symptoms, therefore, to distinguish one disease from another, to put the exact diagnosis usually under the force only to the specialist after appointment of necessary diagnostic procedures.

The main methods of diagnosis of diseases and injuries of the shoulder joint - X-ray methods, magnetic resonance therapy, ultrasound diagnostics.

Injuries to the shoulder joint
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