Injuries to the nervous system: types and symptoms

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The causes and types of injuries of the nervous system are quite diverse. This is damage to the brain or spinal cord, various nerves, and even phantom syndrome. All this variety of diseases requires the observation of doctors and timely treatment.

Apparently, it is obvious to everyone that violations in the work of the human nervous system are extremely harmful. They not only interfere with normal livelihoods, but can also lead to serious complications. Therefore, it is so important to deal with the symptoms of various diseases.

Trauma of the nervous system as a result of brain damage

There are two types of brain trauma - open and closed. The consequences of serious damage are very diverse. Here are the most common:

  • Motor disturbances, often central paralysis;
  • Deviation in sensitivity;
  • Linguistic disturbances.

After damage to the head, slow-down inflammation of the soft shell of the brain often develops. As a result - not only asthenization, but also nausea, headache and dizziness. Sometimes even the vision decreases, intracranial pressure rises, and various cranial nerves are affected. Traumatism of the nervous system may be accompanied by the appearance of epilepsy due to the appearance of shell adhesions and scarring.

Injuries to the nervous system as a result of damage to the spinal cord

The spinal cord is damaged as a result of his injury or secondary hemorrhage in the very substance. If the upper lumbar or thoracic spine is damaged, the lower paraplegia may develop. This is a paralysis of both lower extremities. In the case of defeat of the cervical unit there is tetraplegia, or paralysis of all four limbs.

Injuries to the nervous system: peripheral nerves and nerve plexuses

Most often the nerves of the upper limbs and shoulder plexus are affected. Consider the main reasons for this:

  • Occupational injury;
  • Sports injury;
  • Everyday trauma;
  • Use of crutches (suffering shoulder plexus);
  • Incorrect overlay of gypsum longate.

If the peripheral nerve is damaged, partial or complete rupture of the nerve fibers is possible. At full breaks there are trophic and sensitive fall in this zone, peripheral paresis. Incomplete is accompanied by peripheral paresis, as well as symptoms of irritation of vegetative and sensitive fibers.

Injury of the nervous system: syndrome causalgii

This syndrome is caused by damage to nerves with a lot of vegetative fibers. The clinical picture is dominated by burning, painful pains. They are accompanied by trophic disorders.

Injuries to the nervous system: phantom syndrome

Occurs after limb amputation. This is a false sense of a strong pain in the already missing part of the limb. It is also possible to develop astenodepressivnyh and asthenoipohondrichesky syndromes.

Such disorders are extremely difficult to be tolerated by patients. The victim needs care and qualified assistance from doctors. In this case, the relief or complete cure of the disease and getting rid of the effects of injuries of the nervous system may be.

Injuries to the nervous system: types and symptoms

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