Injuries in athletic gymnastics: types and implications

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Injuries in gymnastics are not uncommon. And this is due to the fact that this sport includes a number of quite complicated exercises on gymnastic shells, as well as free exercises and, consequently, basic jumps.

Gymnastics is a sport, which depends not only on certain technical skills of a person, but also on the development of flexibility, endurance, coordination of movements and a sense of equilibrium.

As a rule, gymnastic exercises are included in the program for the preparation of athletes involved in various sports. For both female and male, the most dangerous are exercises. They are the most likely cause of injuries in gymnastics.

Types of injuries

Injuries in sports gymnastics occur:

  • When performing a jump at the time of landing;
  • During exercises on a log, rings or bars;
  • While performing the jump.

Mostly in men, knee and ankle joints are injured in gymnastics. Athletes are more prone to injury to the ankle and elbow, which occur when exercising on bars of different heights. In addition, on other shells, gymnasts suffer from knee and ankle injuries.

Injuries in gymnastics in men are most common when exercising on rings. Immediately after the rings on the degree of injury followed by parallel bars, then crossbar, support leap and horse.

The consequences of injuries

Injuries resulting from gymnastics are the main reason for retirement from athletes from major sports and completing their careers.

Statistics show that 100% of sports athletes left about 1 man and 7 women finished their career due to the following types of injuries:

  • Damage to the rotational cuff located in the shoulder joint;
  • Fracture of the boat bone;
  • Rupture of a cross-linked lobe;
  • Rupture of medial or lateral meniscus;
  • Osteochondrosis of the elbow joint;
  • Arthrama of the ankle joint;
  • Primary dislocation of the thigh;
  • Fracture of the lower extremities;
  • Severe spine injury.

Often, due to injuries in gymnastics, fatal accidents occur. The most famous of these are injuries that occurred with the Chinese gymnast San Lan, the Ukrainian athlete Elena Mukhina, as well as the American Julius Gomez. All these cases served as the basis for the fact that the world began to talk about the injuries of gymnastics and that this sport is the most dangerous of all existing ones.

You should not deny yourself a dream, if it is to do sports gymnastics. The main thing - to be extremely cautious and accurate, and in case of injury, immediately contact a doctor. Remember: your health is in your hands!

Injuries in athletic gymnastics: types and implications
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