Injuries belly: symptoms

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Given the rhythm of life of the modern metropolis, as well as the dangers that it hides, it is not surprising that a person is prone to injury. At present, abdominal injuries, the symptoms of which are different, is a particularly urgent problem, which is to decide which emergency surgery is called.

The trauma of the abdomen can be both open and closed: the symptoms in each of them are different. An open abdominal trauma occurs most often due to firearms, knife wounds, after which the victim should seek medical assistance in any hospital.

Closed trauma, also called dull, is a slaughter of the abdominal wall, in which damage to the internal organs can either occur or not. The types of stupid abdominal trauma can be attributed to:

  • Rupture of abdominal wall muscles;
  • Damage to the liver, spleen, and intestines;
  • Slaughter of the abdominal wall;
  • Damage to the kidneys, pancreas, bladder.

Let's look at the causes and symptoms of blunt stomach injury in more detail.

Causes of injury. Symptomatology

Depending on the symptoms of abdominal injury, the causes of injury can be:

Injuries belly: symptoms
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